Anthony C. (Producer)

Welcome To ZEAL M.E.

Anthony C. The creative mind behind these and so many other wonder filled multi media projects... His background beginning early on around age of ten learning to play the guitar and develop his skill and craft as a musician,,multi instrumentalist, song writer and composer, for many years from boyhood to this very day. After discovering a passion for sound recordings and audio engineering soon started working, designing and running 3 different commercial recording studios . Having started in the world of analogue tape, with the likes of some of greatest artist ever. Anthony took a short break in a long successful partnership developing sound design and producing audio stories for children. Also the music and entertainment business radically changed in the digital age and social media. Anthony began learning the new techniques of digital recording and mixing. The first new project was Born the CD "The Lost Years" It was a compilation to generate interest and revenue of old material not complete on analogue tape digitally converted remixed the missing instrument tracks were recorded and mixed into "The Lost Years" This also now established publishing and graphic arts department , which further stimulated a passion and love for the ARTS to complete the full production, Video and film making and editing. Now the full circle is complete to the ultimate multi media production. The key being the perfect fit in the combination of many facets of elements. The heart and center being sound Anthony's first love and passion. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Tony C.

A little bit of what I do

Finding the right fit can be one in a billion. It is the difference between success and failure. And this is how I approach every creative work I do.


Audio Video Voice Overs Plus – A Little Bit Of What I Do

Music Video with Multi Media Element

Sound Design Mixing Audio Engineering

Special Effects Audio and Video Voice Transposing

Commercial Ad Concept (Creative Director

Commercial Ad Director

Story concept and musical direction (Motivational ad) (Creative Director)

Concept Video Children Story (Audio – Video Producer – Director)

Character Voices – Casting Story Concept (Producer – Creative Director)

Print Work